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Who is that mysterious stranger?

The Legend of the Steampunk Desperado

In 1899, the notorious one-armed bandit known as “the Clockwork Caballero” performed his final, most spectacular robbery – ten million dollars in gold from a US treasury shipment. The gold was never recovered, and the Caballero himself was never seen again. Some maintained that the bandit, whose true identity was the source of much speculation, was actually part of a conspiracy to raise funds to bribe foreign dignitaries to approve a sea-level canal across Nicaragua. Others said the Caballero never existed or was actually an advance scout for the alien exploratory mission that crashed 48 years later in Roswell, New Mexico. The mystery was almost forgotten until recent events revived the story. Recently a coin dealer in Tucson reported receiving several vintage 1898 gold coins in mint condition. A few months prior to that, some lost hikers in the Chiricahua Mountains were rescued by a “mysterious stranger” on horseback, with an usually constructed artificial arm. Is he an alien, a time traveler, or merely a myth? Watch this site for more information as it becomes available.

Fun fact – did you know that slot machines got their nickname from the one-armed bandit Clockwork Caballero? It might just be true!