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Ornery Goose

Goose Illustration by Kelly Morford

Today is our last day of our free Amazon promotion of my vampire story “Love at Stake.” Our friend Garvey is here to “goose” you into action. Or maybe he’s angry because people keep calling him “Gravy.” In any case, please download the ebook, give it a read, and leave a review on my page at Amazon. I’d really appreciate it!

By the way, the illustration is by local artist Kelly Morford and will be part of our print edition of Professor Ione D and the Epicurean Incident, which should be available in about two weeks.

While we’re on the topic of domestic fowl, those of you with goose experience are no doubt aware that they can be pretty aggressive. I’ve heard people say that geese can be better watch-critters than dogs. Our Australian shepherd would dispute that, but we all know that he’s all bark and no bite. Geese, on the other hand, will not hesitate to give you a painful pinch. They’ve even given it their name!


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  1. Thank you Vaughn and all true.

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