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Professor Ione D is Back!

Professor Ione D & the Epicurean Incident

Professor Ione D & the Epicurean Incident By Vaughn Treude & Arlys Holloway

The print edition of Professor Ione D. and the Epicurean Incident is finally done and should be available on Amazon in just a few days. Arlys and I are really proud of this book. It’s the same exciting adventure as in the ebook but in an attractive paperback with twenty great original illustrations. We’ve also revamped the cover. Though I liked the idea of adapting a circa-1900 book cover (in this case, it was The Rover Boys on Land and Sea) the original design was too busy to be identifiable in a thumbnail image. Therefore we’ve enlarged the print and the photos of the three main characters, which are now in color. Angus the Automaton has lost his place on the cover but is now featured in an illustration opposite the table of contents. There’s also a preview chapter from the next book, Professor Ione D. and the Steam Powered Minotaur. It has its own illustration of the titular Minotaur, as shown below. Watch this space for more information on Ione and her adventures. We’ll let you know as soon as Epicurean Incident is available for ordering. At that time, we’ll probably also do some promotional specials in celebration.

The Steam-Powered Minotaur

Farley the Minotaur by Kyle Dunbar

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  1. So excited to see this book in print. Vaughn has worked so hard on the format. We are thrilled to include some new artists chapter illustrations.

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