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Huge News!

Trump Anthology

The Best Trump Anthology Ever, with a contribution by Yours Truly

George Donnelly’s Donald Trump anthology, Steaks, Walls and Dossiers: The Best Trump Anthology Ever is now available on Kindle. It’s full of humorous and fantastical stories about our controversial 45th President, and features a story written by yours truly, called “Operation Code Name Bimbo.” It’s available in e-book form right now for 99 cents, so get yours today before the price goes up. It’s big league, believe me!

George is a great sci-fi writer and I’ve worked with him on two other flash fiction anthologies, Valiant, He Endured and Christmas in Love. I hope to do many more of these in the future in the future. Anthologies are a fantastic opportunity to try out different genres and styles. They’re also a good way discipline oneself in the art of brevity because many writers (myself included) tend to get a bit wordy at times.

Thanks to George for giving me the opportunity to participate. Check it out, and remember books make great Christmas presents!