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A Pause To Appreciate

It’s become traditional for people to express their thankfulness each year at this time. Yes, it’s a cliché, but I don’t care. It’s a good cliché. This holiday reminds us that as much as we may complain, we’ve still got many good things in our lives. The pilgrims were thankful to survive a year in the New World. Our lives are far more comfortable than theirs, so we need to stay positive and think about the things we appreciate. Here are some of mine:
For freedom in America, particularly the all-important First Amendment.
For the technology that had swept away the gatekeepers and given us all a voice in the new media.
For all the brilliant writers and other creative folks who have entertained and inspired me.
For the new transparency – a lot of dark secrets are coming out, and that’s a good thing.
For Arizona, the best of the fifty states (and the fact that millions of people haven’t yet figured that out.)
For my friends and family, who accept me despite my numerous quirks.
And for wife and co-conspirator Arlys-Allegra, who loves me and makes me laugh.
Life is good!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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