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Announcing an Ione D Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Angel, Ione D

Hooray! An Ione D Christmas giveaway!

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve submitted a Goodreads book giveaway: three copies of Ione D’s latest steampunk adventure, Professor Ione D. and the Epicurean Incident. The giveaway period begins a week from today on December 15th, so we’ll remind you at that time. The story concerns Ione’s visit to the Royal Epicurean Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London. A series of mysterious calamities convinces her that someone is trying to ruin the Exhibition to embarrass newly crowned King Edward. Can she catch the culprit before a tragedy occurs? Get your copy to find out! This print edition features original chapter illustrations by several artists, a bonus that is not included in the ebook.

Epicurean Incident is now available on Amazon.

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