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A Russian Christmas* Present – another Goodreads Giveaway

Miss Ione D and Grandfather Frost

Another Goodreads Giveaway – Miss Ione D and the Mayan Marvel — Photo of Grandfather Frost by Sergeev Pavel


Due to the impending dramatic price increase for listing a Goodreads book giveaway, Arlys and I have decided to sneak one more in under the wire. We will be offering five signed copies of our first Ione D steampunk adventure, “Miss Ione D and the Mayan Marvel.” You’ll be able to sign up from Wednesday January 3rd through the 11th. With the change in Goodreads policy, I predict there will be many fewer free book giveaways, so now is the time to sign up for as many as you can. I intend to put my name in for several.

* The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas by the old Julian Calendar, which falls on January 7th

Here’s where you go to enter your name. If you’ve been good, Grandfather Frost may bring you a copy of our steampunk adventure.