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Macaroni Grill 1-27-2018

Dear fellow foodies, I had high hopes for this one. I am probably the last person in the city to dine there.

First impression: 3 out of 5 croutons. The entrance was bright, and the hostess was directly in front of us. We were greeted and seated immediately. Meh.

The ambiance: 2 out of 5 croutons.

The industrial look, duct-work and rafters showing, is outdated. Please bring back ceilings. It is an open floor plan where you can see all! The grill is right there, and I mean RIGHT THERE, but not in a fun way, in a noisy, weird “what is all the commotion behind me” way. I felt like I was back in a grade school cafeteria.

The menu: 3 out of 5 croutons.

There were nice options and choices with both the food and drink menus. Meh.

The server: 3 out of 5 croutons.

She was fine. The writing of her name on the paper tablecloth in crayon a bit silly, but ok. She was efficient in taking our orders and immediately forgettable.

The drinks: 3 out of 5 croutons.

You really can’t screw up a beer.

Ok, foodies here’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

The food: 2 out of 5 croutons.

The 2 croutons go to the bruschetta and side bread that was very yummy.

The best way to describe our entrees was bland. I had ordered the chicken parmigiana, and my sidekick ordered the lasagna. It was just this side of completely tasteless. This would be a great place to take Grandma so that her colitis doesn’t act up.

Total score is 16 out of 30 croutons

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