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Coin-Operated Critic reviews “50 Shades Of Felt”


Our own Coin-Operated critic goes to the theater!

50 Shades of Felt

Presented by All Puppet Players
Performance held at Playhouse on the Park at Central Arts Plaza
1850 N. Central Ave.

Who knew a puppet show would be so wrong and yet so right? Imagine “Raunchy” on steroids!

This adults-only satirical adaption of 50 Shades of Grey is both dirtier and better the crappy live action movie or the crappy original book. We saw parts of the anatomy that puppets aren’t supposed to have. My sidekick and I laughed so hard that I am sure I missed more then a couple of jokes. So inappropriate and hilarious, it was a win-win — but not for the faint of heart! I enjoyed it so much the first time it showed in Phoenix, I brought several (adult) family members along to see it again.

The writing, direction and performance was perfection. We are told that All Puppet Players will be doing puppet versions of Die Hard and Never Ending Story. My sidekick and I will be middle row, center at each performance going forward.


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