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Early Map of Phoenix, Arizona

This interesting historical display is located in the Food Court area of Phoenix’s Metrocenter Mall near Dunlap and I-17. Since the photo can’t do it justice, I’ll just say that the map shows Phoenix as a small town 80+ years ago. So much has changed, including Metrocenter itself. Founded in 1973, Metrocenter was the area’s first indoor shopping center. When I first moved to Arizona, it was a major hub of commerce with major department stores, popular eateries and an ice-skating rink. Now it’s a ghost of its former self.

Phoenix Landmarks

The photos of Phoenix landmarks were also quite interesting. The Westward Ho, in particular, was the tallest building in Arizona for over 30 years after its construction. According to Wikipedia, it is the scene of numerous movies including Pocket Money starring Paul Newman and Bus Stop starring Marilyn Monroe. Contrary to public belief, it was not the scene of the opening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. That was filmed at the Hotel San Carlos a few blocks away.

More Arizona Landmarks

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