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Coming Soon: Professor Ione D & the Epicurean Incident

Professor Ione D and the Epicurean Incident

Professor Ione D and the Epicurean Incident, Print Edition

A few months ago, Arlys and I published the second book in the Ione D series, Professor Ione D and the Epicurean Incident. In it, Ione travels to London for an international cooking exhibition. Mayhem and murder ensue, and it’s up to Ione and her best friend Emma to solve the mystery and apprehend the culprit. This book has so far only been available in e-book form, but we’ve been working on a print edition which we plan to release sometime in the next few weeks. As with the first book, Miss Ione D and the Mayan Marvel, the print version will include exclusive content in the form of chapter illustrations by several artists and a brand new cover. We think the illustrations give the book an old-fashioned style that’s very appropriate to steampunk. Though the original cover had an early 1900’s design, we’ve decided to rework it to make it more appealing to modern audiences. The cover, shown above, features our models Arlys Endres, Brittney Reed, and Anna Nguyen portraying Ione, Emma, and the Chinese orphan Lily respectively.

In other news, next week we’ll be publishing the second installment of our three-part short work, “Incident at Dragoon Pass.” This story introduces the notorious gentleman bandit known as the Clockwork Caballero. We intend to feature him in other short fiction which we’ll debut on this site absolutely free.

We realize that publishing has become a very competitive business and there are many forms of media vying for your attention. Though we love creating stories and will continue to do so even if they never bring us fame, it would be wonderful to gain a wider audience. Please tell all your friends about Steampunk Desperado and our Ione D series. In the coming year, we will publish the next book in the series, Professor Ione D and & the Steam-Powered Minotaur. We also plan to release the long-awaited sequel to Fidelio’s Automata, which will be entitled Fidelio’s Insurrection. Thanks for reading and check back soon for more exciting content plus contests and giveaways at steampunkdesperado.com.

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  1. Vaughn and I have a lot of fun writing Ione’s stories. Stay tuned for contest and free giveaways!

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