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A Steampunk Halloween

One of the best seasons to be into steampunk is Halloween. You always have a ready reserve of costume components which can be used to make a new persona. Arlys and I like to mix and match different things for the occasion. The above selfie of us was from Westercon in July. We have a number of hats but always seem to fall back on our trusty derbies.

The second photo shows just a small portion of our costume stash, some of which belonged to us or our families long ago. Other pieces came from Goodwill, the old reliable friend of the Halloween penny-pincher. Note that the rack on the right has a shoe holder, which Arlys has re-purposed to hold goggles and other smaller items. It’s also a handy resource when creating your front yard Halloween display.

Consider this dapper gentleman, who graced our front yard in October of 2016. “Gentleman Jack” as we called him, was part of Arlys’ collection of life-sized skeletons which she acquired after we moved to our present home in 2014. Pat is wearing a steampunk outfit including the gadget-encrusted necktie that Arlys created for me. He is accompanied by his faithful dogs and his frog Ribbet, who likes to sit on his shoulder in the manner of a pirate’s parrot.

However you celebrate it, we hope you have a happy and horrible Halloween!



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  1. Love gentleman Jack he is certainly one of my favorites along with The Bride.

  2. Looking good!

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