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Nakota E-book Specials – Miss Ione D & The Mayan Marvel

Front Cover, Mayan Marvel

Miss Ione D and the Mayan Marvel, a Steampunk Adventure Cover Model is Arlys Endres, Photo by Arlys Holloway

In celebration of our 99 cent e-book sale, we’re giving a summary of all the books in our catalog. Number 3 is Miss Ione D. and the Mayan Marvel, our novella that introduces our spunky steampunk heroine Ione Dfrdwy. She’s smart, she’s independent, and she loves adventure. It’s 1896 and Ione, 19, decides to postpone college to go with her parents to Guatemala. There she journeys to the ancient Mayan city of Tikal with her chaperone Magdalena. In an unexplored pyramid, Ione discovers an amazing artifact, but can she and Magdalena save it from the corrupt professor who is smuggling antiquities?

Don’t miss it! All e-books by Vaughn Treude and Arlys Holloway are on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday.


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  1. Love this book

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