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Long Story Short, 99 Cents!

Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale is now live on Amazon! You can now get any of our e-books for just 99 cents. Also consider getting our short stories as well, because we’ll probably be raising their prices after this event. The great thing about short stories is that readers can try out new writers and genres without the time and money commitment of a novel. It’s also fun for me as a writer because I can explore different kinds of writing. The following are the three I’ve published so far, in three very different genres.

“Found Pet” – Meet Harry Jensen, a down-on-his-luck real estate broker. He adopts an adorable but mysterious furry animal — or does it adopt him? It’s been said that pets enrich our lives, but could this proverb be literally true? Yet Harry is about to discover that every shortcut has its price, here in the Halflight Zone. As you can tell from my cheesy introduction, my inspiration for this story was a famous TV series with a similar name.

“Fidelio’s Dilemma” – Young Fidelio Espinoza has returned from Spain to his father’s house in Havana to mourn the death of his lover and take stock of his life. Should he accept the respectable civil engineering job his father has arranged for him? Or should he follow his “impractical” dream of inventing a spider automaton, a revolutionary machine which can save mine workers from the tragic fate that befell his dear Rodrigo? Fidelio’s Dilemma is the steampunk prequel to my novel Fidelio’s Automata.

“Love At Stake” – Bogdan Tomescu has had a long and successful career writing vampire stories from a uniquely personal perspective. Yet happiness eludes him, having lost his wife Magda to a sunshine incident many decades ago. His friend Louie, a jazz musician werewolf, suggests he try Hemophiliana.com. On the surface, it’s a fantasy role-playing site for people to role play as vampires. Its true purpose is to help the undead hook up under the noses of the unsuspecting living. Bogdan takes the plunge, and soon finds the perfect mate – a four-hundred-year-old Romanian countess. Is she too good to be true? This is a fun urban fantasy we released on the most recent Halloween.

Go check them out on Amazon. At 99 cents each, they’re a steal!

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  1. Your words are mgical and you write in a good way.

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