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Happy New Year 2019 from Steampunk Desperado!

The interesting and tumultuous year of 2018 has finally come to an end. It was a challenging year for Arlys and me, but we got through it. During the year we posted 118 articles here at Steampunk Desperado, over half of them being reviews of books, movies or TV shows. We also began our YouTube channel with four videos published so far. I was remiss in releasing any new fiction, but I did finally finish the draft of my military sci-fi novel Diana’s Fury. This year I plan to do the final edits and submit it to one or more small press outlets. I also intend to finish my long-awaited sequel to Fidelio’s Automata, entitled Fidelio’s Insurrection. There was also the release of the live-action steampunk movie Mortal Engines, which we will be reviewing soon. Despite disappointing box office returns, I believe this exciting motion picture heralds the return of steampunk to its proper place in science fiction.

Here’s hoping 2019 will be a happy and prosperous one for all of you out there.

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