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Category: Comics

Batman Ninja!

We all love mashups – the combination of characters and elements that are not supposed to be together. They don’t happen often, outside of unofficial fan fiction, due to the logistics of copyrights and such. But sometimes there’s an idea that’s so cool it has to be made. One of those ideas was to combine […]

Alt Hero – The Right Strikes Back

The comic-book community is in a state of upheaval. Major publishers, Marvel in particular, are controlled by “social justice” leftists. Unfortunately, the deplorable fans haven’t embraced the new diverse characters, they want their favorite white male superheroes back, and some of them (gasp!) voted for Donald Trump. The left calls this fan revolt “#comicsgate”, which […]

Review, Deadpool 2

Of the Big Two comic publishers, Marvel has always been the funny one. Its heroes crack jokes and have the same troubles with work, school, and relationships the rest of us do. Marvel couldn’t be satisfied, though, with Spiderman’s wisecracks and the Hulk’s unreliable powers. They needed a hero who would find the line and […]