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Lots of Laughs for Only 99 Cents

Trump Anthology

It’s Yugely Funny!


Doctors say that laughter is one of the greatest stress relievers and Lord knows, these days we need that. So when you have the chance to get not one, but dozens of great laughs for only 99 cents, you get it. It’s much less than the price of a latte at Starbucks.

But surely, you say, such a bargain would be too good to be true. Well, believe it, because Steaks, Walls and Dossiers: The Best Trump Anthology Ever is now available on Amazon for a dollar minus a penny. Love him or hate him, you’ll have to admit that Donald J. Trump is our most humor-friendly President since Richard M. Nixon. My associate George Donnelly saw the opportunity and envisioned a Trump-themed anthology earlier this year. Now said volume is finally ready, featuring pieces by thirteen authors including yours truly. With so many writers, we have many different styles of humor from the ridiculous to the sublime. So get your copy today!

Multiple choice quiz: which is history’s greatest (late) comic genius?

a) Oscar Wilde

b) Jerry Lewis

c) Lenny Bruce

d) Benny Hill

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