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Hail to the Winners!


You’re a winner!

We had 420 entrants in our most recent Goodreads giveaway of our latest novel Professor Ione D and the Epicurean Incident, which was open to Goodreads members in the US only. Congratulations to our three winners, Elise of Wisconsin, Linda of Pennsylvania and Leigh Ann of Florida. I plan on mailing the signed books out by tomorrow at the latest. Anyone expecting a prize should contact Goodreads if they don’t receive it within 2 or 3 weeks. We can’t check on you because the rules forbid it – that’s understandable because they don’t want readers to hesitate to enter these promotions for fear of being spammed.
Speaking of rules, it turns out that Goodreads has a new policy starting in 2018 of charging the author $119 to run a giveaway promotion. Premium promotions will cost even more. Previously it was free so that’s like a million billion percent increase, rate wise. I know the program costs money and it’s a great benefit for us authors, but a hundred dollars is a lot of money for an indy author. Had I been aware of this change, I would have sounded the alarm to get people to apply for as many books as possible. I expect that this new policy will dramatically reduce the number of giveaway promotions available. C’est la vie.
We encourage those who entered our giveaway (and anybody else who hasn’t seen them yet) to check out our Ione D books on Amazon. Prime members can borrow the e-book for free. If you do so we’d very much appreciate it if you’d go to one of our author pages (myself or Arlys Holloway) and give us a review. Amazon now requires people to have bought at least $50 of stuff to leave a review but considering all the things they sell, that’s not difficult to achieve.
To all the entrants we want to say thanks for your interest in our plucky steampunk heroine Professor Ione D and we’re hoping to hear from you.



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