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Announcing a smokin’ hot holiday deal from the Steampunk Desperado.

Howdy, folks!Announcing a smokin’ hot holiday deal from the Steampunk Desperado.Recently I’ve joined with several of my fellow writers to create a spectacular e-book amalgamation called the “Free Libertarian Fiction Megapack”, available now on J.P. Medved’s fascinating website artforliberty.com.Included in this amazing package is my 2012 novel “Centrifugal Force”, the exciting story of a techno-rebellion […]

Five for Free

This is a friendly reminder to those who haven’t yet signed up for our latest Goodreads giveaway. The prizes are five signed copies of our first Ione D steampunk adventure, “Miss Ione D and the Mayan Marvel.” If you’re not already a member, Arlys and I urge you to go to Goodreads.com and sign up. […]