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Merry Christmas 2018!

A year ago at this time, I noted that 2017 was a weird year and 2018 would be even weirder. I was right, wasn’t I? It was a challenging year here at the Desperado household, but we have persevered. I predict that 2019 will provide us a respite from some of the craziness, at least for a few months. In any case, we still have lots to be thankful for – home, family, and friends, and the continued opportunity to express ourselves freely.

In any case, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I say this not in an attempt to exclude anyone who’s not Christian (I’m personally not religious) but as a defender of Western heritage and tradition. Also, thanks to everyone who’s frequented my Steampunk Desperado blog and especially our new Steampunk Desperado channel on YouTube.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2019!

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