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This interesting historical display is located in the Food Court area of Phoenix’s Metrocenter Mall near Dunlap and I-17. Since the photo can’t do it justice, I’ll just say that the map shows Phoenix as a small town 80+ years ago. So much has changed, including Metrocenter itself. Founded in 1973, Metrocenter was the area’s […]

Memorial Day 2019

Being a history buff, I love to post old family photos, and I figured a military theme would be appropriate for Memorial Day. I come from a long line of civilians, however. Nobody in my family got drafted. As farmers, the food we produced was critical to the war effort. So I swiped some very […]

The Atlantropa Articles by Cody Franklin and Joseph Pisenti

One of my goals as a reviewer is to bring attention to original works by up-and-coming authors. I encountered The Atlantropa Articles through Cody Franklin’s a YouTube channel, “Alternative History Hub.” His videos are interesting speculations on how history could have gone differently if various different scenarios came to pass. This, his first novel (2018) […]